Businesses today face high over head, stiff competition, as a small business owner you are not immune to these challenges. How do you compete? By working smarter and outsourcing operational tasks and functions including administrative support.


How Does AdminConcepts Help?


AdminConceptshelps by providing customized administrative services to help you meet the day-to-day challenges of running a business. As a solepreneur and busy consultant you can’t afford to pay yourself to do administrative work. You need to be in front of your clients or involved with prospecting for new markets.


Your overhead costs don’t increase because there is no equipment or furniture to purchase for a new employee. No benefits or taxes to be paid out because as an entrepreneur myself, I take care of my own equipment needs, benefits and taxes. You only pay for the job at hand, not down time.


What Makes AdminConcepts Different?


I’d to think it’s me. I strive to provide my clients with the same support you would receive from an on-site administrative assistant. With over 30 years of hands-on knowledge in the administrative field in everything from mail room operations to event coordinating I’d like to put my experience to work for you. I personally deal with each of my clients building a professional and personal business working relationship.


As a sole-proprietor, I understand what it takes to own and operate a business. I make every effort to understand your business and your clients. I want to be someone that you can rely on and whom you can discuss ideas with and a course of action to follow in order to take your business to the next level.


How Does Work Get Completed?


Clients may either send assignments and requests by e-mail, fax or phone, and by courier. Local clients have the option of dropping work off in person. Depending on the requirements of the assignment work will be returned in the same manner or as directed by you, the client.


I never consider any assignments to be a “cookie-cutter” job. Each project is as individual as my clients and deserves my personal attention.





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