Standard Pricing & Estimates

Standard Pricing Policies


Services are billed at a set hourly rate for most projects. You may also wish to take advantage of one of the Retainer Plans offered.


All fees are payable in Canadian dollars and Canadian residents are subject to the Goods and Services Tax as set forth by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.


There is a one hour minimum charge for assignments. Some clients may be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the agreed upon amount for a quoted project upon the signing of a Client Agreement.


Upon completion of a project/service clients will receive a detailed invoice for payment, which must be paid in full before the release of any project or work unless otherwise pre-arranged and agreed upon as per the Client Agreement. All payments may be made by cheque or cash only, sorry at this time payment by credit card is not available.


Project Estimate Times


All estimates for project times are based on the guidelines as set forth for document production and non-keyboarding administrative services as per the Industry Production Standards Manual published by the Association of Business Support Services International, Inc.


Clients will be billed for any incidental expenses incurred on their behalf for the completion of a project. Incidental costs include but are not limited to shipping or postage, off-set printing or photocopying charges and may be subject to an additional service charge.



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